Farmhouse Table Build (CMRW#36)


Disclaimer: I didn't design the table. I built it from free plans found on See below for a link. The table itself is based on a table from Restoration Hardware which sells for somewhere around $2500.

My sister-in-law and her husband recently moved back home from out of town. They have a dining room, but no dining table so she asked me to build one for her. She picked out some plans online and they are free from She told me not to change a thing. The only things I did different were related to the construction and assembly. Otherwise, it looks just like the one in the plans.

It's made completely out of wood I bought from Home Depot. I had some struggles dealing with the low quality of the wood and certain knotty areas, but it came out looking okay. My sister-in-law likes it which is what is important, I guess.

Some details not covered in the video:
I made my own dowels out of a dowel rod because it is cheaper that way. I used poplar or red oak dowels, since they are a little more dense than pine. The stain color is called Carrington. I used matte finish polyurethane - 3 coats on the top - according to the plans. On the base I did a coat of wipe-on glossy poly and then another top coat of the matte poly. The nooks and crannies of the base made it a huge pain to stain.

I wanted to take some more final shots and footage, but my sister-in-law's lights were not working. Had I known I would have taken some good footage before I delivered it. Sorry if a couple of shots are too dark.

Link to shanty-2-chic project:

Restoration Hardware Inspired Dining Table for $110

They said you could build this for $110, but I spent closer to $200. The $110 must be just for wood. I had to buy screws, sanding pads, dowel rod, polyurethane, brushes, rags, etc... in order to have everything I needed for the project.

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The most complete and in depth on how to build a farmhouse table. DIY PETE shows the entire process from start to finish. This farm table can be . Today on Modern Builds we're making a ' round farmhouse style dining table using all by and by construction lumber. No complex joinery or special .So we used polycrylic on the table not really thinking because we had it on hand and what I use to seal wood signs. But the more I think the more I feel this wont be .

Farmhouse Table Build (CMRW#36)

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